P.E.A.K. Parenting Coaching

PEAK Parenting Coaching focuses on the process – being mindfully present and connecting. It is about growing intimacy and connection with your child. It is about learning and understanding the thoughts and emotions of both yourself and your child. It is about creating a safe space where you can connect with your child. Turn frustration into compassion and learn patience in a new way.

P is for Presence
E is for Evaluate the Situation and Emotional Awareness
A is Advise Versus Command
K is for Keeping Priorities


B.Soc.Sci (Applied Psychology)
Msc. in Psychology
Doctoral Studies in Biblical Counseling (Candidate)
P.E.A.K. coaching works with parents, in individual sessions or in workshops an seminars – to help them connect to their child in a new way. Philip also provides services to children and teens, and family therapy.
Real solutions for real families. Workshops, individual coaching and all services are geared towards practical results.

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