Behavioral Coaching, Clinical Hypnosis, PEAK Parenting Coaching. I can help you to overcome limiting beliefs, learn new skills, and control stress at every level.

Mr. Philip Ang is a behavioral specialist and a psychologist in private practice. Over the last 20 years he has counseled, coached, trained and mentored many young people, couples, parents and individuals.

Besides having a Master of Science degree in Psychology from the United States, he is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Autogenic Training Practitioner, and Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist. He has advanced training in Ericksonain hypnosis and psychotherapy.

Services include corporate and school trainings in wellness, peak performance and social/communication skills for all ages. Mr. Ang is a fully qualified speaker and presenter, able to work with large and small groups.

As a counselor and therapist, he works in private practice with individuals, couples, teens and adults and has a focus on marital issues and finding solutions for the family. He is a skilled clinical hypnotherapist, able to help people change lifelong habits, create inner confidence and use the power of the mind to overcome anything.







I came to Philip becasue I was having a terrinle phobia with snakes for many years. After I met him for a session, my phobia was reduced from a scale of 10 to a scale of 3. At least now I know I can have control over my phobia and I am no longer as fretful as before.
Ms. Sim, Age 31
I used to get U grade conistently for most of my subjects and I was almost going to give up. However, andter I learnt from Mr. Philip some techniques of relaxation and gaol setting in his behavioral coaching session, I became for focused. In my final year, I was able to pass most of my subjects!
Syabil, Age 17
Through the coaching session with Philp I deiscoverd how to manage my child’s emotions better. I learned that as a parent, the most important thing is to learn to manage my emoitns first and then my child’s.
Mdm Q.J., Age 44
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